Out of the box


Source: Taylor Swift

Why is it that we generally tend to put each other in boxes, these frameworks? By doing so we take away the other one’s authenticity, their creativity, their ability to learn. That makes people feel safe. We can close boxes, put people in closets, order them in any rank we might like or fit us at that moment. We have this friend in the upper right drawer and one in the left cabinet and we can have our pick whenever we like. And put them back whenever we like. It’s like a menu, at what moment in your life you need who. This all feels very controllable and safe. The sad thing is, that by doing so, we don’t see the greatness in the other person. We don’t fit in drawers or boxes, we are all so much bigger than that! But unless you dare to stand out in the crowd and open up this closet of yours, you’ll never be able to witness the wholeness of another human being. And let me be very clear. I as well get myself caught up in judging someone once in a while. Just as long as you notice this, you are able to set them free again. So dare live in the full trust that we are all here with our own mission and therefor our own history and backpack. All precisely formed in order for you to live your greatest potential. So don’t wait any longer, open up your drawers, empty your closets, drop your judgement and be surprised of what people can show you, learn you or be, when you hold space for them and allow them to grow. And please embrace yourself for who you are. So you can shine your light too, the world cannot afford you not to!

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