Manifestation day!

Comfort ZoneOh my…making things public is what I’ve been doing these last seven years. All, but myself. And now I have to make this blog public, otherwise it doesn’t count. I can blog as much as I like, but without communicating it, it’s still safe and under the radar. So I have to push the ‘send’ button and fully show up! Amazing how difficult small steps can be.

Do you remember your first step at all? Walking those little feet of yours? I certainly don’t. But it was the first of many ‘manifestations’ to follow. So, as of now, I would like to introduce ‘Manifestation Day’! Big or small steps, it doesn’t matter, just make sure you keep walking. It’s the only way to come closer to any goal you set yourself. And do remember it’s not about the goal itself, but the path towards it. After all, if you choose to sit at the table, you might as well enjoy the meal!

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