The bird song

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As I was sitting outside in our garden this morning at 6.00 am (no, not becoming crazy, I just love the true silence then), I could listen to the birds awakening. One by one, they started singing. Now I wondered what exactly they were calling out to the group, but one thing I am sure of. They were communicating with each other in the most natural way, waking up the world. Greeting it and maybe even asking it what it needs from them today.

Now why is it, that we lost this natural way of being? That we’ve transformed ourselves into beings who re-think everything more than once before communicating? And if you don’t re-think before saying or doing anything, you get to be called naive or simply stupid. Why did we create these systems, in companies and governmental organizations? What did it bring us? What if organizations would start working in a more organic way? It would definitely mean taking out the politics in companies I know employees have to make themselves acquainted with in order to get promotions. These politics I know people dislike so much, as it takes away our natural way of behaving and creativity in finding solutions to problems. It makes us think about our next step. That is why we started to wander off our own forest trail and started taking the high way. The highway is fantastic. It allows us to come faster where we intend to go. And those cars around us, there are so many, one even better or more shiny than the other one. Now why am I not driving this beautiful fast expensive car? And oh yes, there are a lot of trucks as well, slowly driving and heavily loaded, but hey, that’s their problem….Unfortunately, driving this high way, just looking around, making sure we don’t bump into someone else’s car ahead of or next to you, causes the fact that we forget to see not only the beautiful surroundings but also the person in that car. Driving a forest trail might not go so quickly, but you definitely get to choose you’re own pace, take in what nature has to offer, see the signs on your trail and enjoy them, too. Slippery roads sometimes, but beautiful green flowery fields too. And here as well we find a bear crossing our path once in a while, but that’s a natural one, not one we’ve created ourselves. I know it’s difficult to listen to this inner voice that we naturally have, telling us to lead the way. But this voice is a lot better to trust than any truck or expensive car driver telling you to move over and get out of the way.

In the mean time huge seagulls are arguing above my head. Now, is it arguing? It sounds like it, but in their language it might just be happy talking. They are part of it too, although luckily we don’t have to like everything or everyone. At least I don’t. Those robins and blackbirds singing their songs this morning were beautiful. We all have our own preferences. And thus, world, what do you need from me today?

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