A tribute to our fantastic society

good day

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So another moment of courage is needed. Today I have to write about ego and soul. It’s funny how they go hand in hand. In my early morning moments outside, I always ask my soul and my ego if it needs anything from me this day. When I asked my soul today, the answer was very clear: ‘I need you to have a good day’. When I asked my ego if it needed anything, it said: ‘Yes, today is about ME!’ No surprise, as today I have a lot of work to do. Now I always used to believe, because of the many guru’s telling that, the only real thing you have to listen to is your soul. And it’s difficult to hear this little voice inside of you at all. But the funny thing is, one can’t do without the other. The soul is the part of you, making you YOU. Making you who you are, you’re own truth. But your ego, is the part of you, manifesting things here in our world. It’s your hands and feet. It organizes whatever you want it to organize. Without your ego, you won’t be able to do anything here on earth.

Ok, so let’s get things straight. Once you finally hear this little voice inside of you, we should still keep listening to our ego’s? Yes! As if we don’t, it will become one big mess here. Once we’ve started our lives, we are supposed to be here, not with our head in the sky. The problem now is, that we started to loose contact with the soul. We’ve realized this over-organized and fantastic society on earth because of the great things our ego can do for us. And now it’s time to bring the two together. In order to not have just a few people following their passion and doing what they love, but all of us! Because that will be the result. People doing what they love, but also able to truly work with it. Our great examples are the people who did, or are doing this. All the great names the earth has ever known, have been doing exactly that. I hear you think, well that’s great Judy, but easier said than done, because it wouldn’t bring me a dime. You know what? Once you start doing it, money won’t be an issue anymore. That as well will start flowing if you truly listen to what you are called to do here. It’s time to start and make them work together. Isn’t that what we are supposed to do anyway? Make everything and everybody work together? There is always a possibility. Wow! What a wonderful world we will create together. Will you join me?

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