Never lose your sense of wonderNow in my last blog, I said the universe might surprise you, when you step through your fear and out in to the world. You have to be courageous, because there are gifts and wonders for you and happening out there all the time. You get signs, and if you are able to follow your intuition, you will be offering your life the space it needs to unfold in the way it is supposed to be, in order for you, to live up to your greatest potential. Being aware of the smallest things, makes you see not just the beauty of it, but also the path it is clearing for you.
Now my mom told me about this documentary she saw with Johan Cruyff, called De Wandeling. He had to make huge decisions in his life and his father was his main sparring partner. After he died, and Johan was facing another big decision, he asked his father to help him out. The next day, his watch, that he inherited from his father, stopped working. He brought it to the jewelers, but it worked again and was clean, so he couldn’t really do anything for him. The next day it stopped again. He brought it back to the jeweler again and once again received it back working, without him doing anything about it. Johan felt this was his fathers way of telling him the decision he wanted to make was the right one. He trusted that, although he wasn’t on earth anymore, he was still there to guide him.

That same evening my mom told me this story, I had a great evening at home with one of my best friends. I went to bed very late and noticed the time: 3.05 AM…OMG…in a couple of hours I had to be at the football game for my son. When I woke up the next morning and put on my watch, I realized it was still on 3.05. The exact time I went to bed. And at that exact same time as I was watching it, it started ticking again. I was stunned and laughing hard, as I felt my grandpa, who I am sure is my guardian angel, was showing me he could do the same! I just knew this was the case.

On Monday a few weeks later, I had a business meeting with someone. She asked me to do the communication part for her beautiful initiative, something that suited me perfectly, the transformation of organizations to the new world. This was my mission! At first I told her that of course I wanted to be part of her team, as this match was to good to be true. But something  didn’t feel right. Maybe the fact that it was time to make myself public instead of someone else now? Pretty weird if you realize how great the opportunity was. So the next day I picked up the phone, called her and told her I changed my mind. That I couldn’t really explain why, but something was telling me it was now my turn to show up, to do it on my own, shine my own light instead of being in the shadow. It just didn’t feel totally right. When I got back home and told this to a friend on the phone, I was stunned. My watch, that had stopped working on Sunday night, the evening before I had the meeting, had just started working again. I was amazed by it. I hadn’t thought about the fact that my watch stopped might have been a sign, but now I was sure it had been. I felt as if my grandpa had held his breath, seeing me going through the test it was. Now this happened three weeks ago and there’s still nothing wrong with my watch.

Quite a long story this time, but I hope it makes you just a little bit more aware of the wonders happening in YOUR life. As we all have our guardian angels and spirits guiding us. Everybody does. Even if you think there are none. And yes, everything happens for a reason. Everything. Everything is connected and coincidences? They don’t exist. Have a Wonderful day!

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  1. Another great post, I truly enjoyed reading it! Totally agree that there are hints all around us and if we keep being aware instead of what I call sleep-walking through our lives, we can reach places and experience things beyond our dreams. Feels like the universe sings for us when our actions are in tune with our true aim and intentions!

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