An energy driven world

Do you know your purpose, or goal in life? It’s funny that when you look around, every animal, from insects to whales and lions seem to be serving a specific purpose. Well, except for mosquitos, I never understood what that little creature is here for but to annoy us, does anybody know?

Now I wrote about this before, asking your life what it needs from you. But do we truly realize we are here for a reason? Not just to extract the world from it’s resources, but also give something back? We have this enormous gift to bring. It’s called love. In the essence, that is what and who we are. Energy called love. We just lost track, some people not, some people a little and some people completely. It’s horrible what’s happening in the world these days. Just opening the paper or any news page and we see people killing other ones. And the worst of it all is that we can’t find a way to get through to these lost people.

Now everybody’s purpose or goal here is different. Some people have the same assignment, but their path isn’t the same at all. Not a lot of people know what their goal in life is. Now I’ve been writing these last weeks, not because it is my purpose in life to tell you stories, but because it is what I am called to do at this moment in my life. And I made it fit in my normal daily life, of having a family, friends and a four days a week job, which I also love doing. But somehow this writing feels like something I have to do, it comes from my heart, as Frank de Boer, coach of soccer team AFC Ajax said in a motivational talk yesterday while hitting his fist on his chest: “het moet van daaruit komen!” (It has to come from here!). So I’ll keep on doing it and see where it leads me, or what it will show me next.

What would happen if you would ask yourself this same question? The answer unfortunately will not be handed to you on a silver platter, but it would set some things in motion. I wish companies would ask their employees this. In order to offer people the right job to fit with it, instead of fitting people in a job. Fortunately very slowly things are beginning to change. And it’s not a nice to have anymore, it is very much needed.  It’s needed in order to collectively bring back this essence of ours, in our society. To bring back love. And by that I don’t mean we have to all sit down on a pillow and start humming, or go back to the seventies and lead a hippie life. No way! We are here to learn, create, fully live the reason of our being. But if we manage to bring back our essence, at your home, in the smallest initiatives and the worlds’ leading multinationals, because it comes from our hearts, I believe we will be able to overcome the horrible things on earth. Just don’t start pointing to someone else, but start with you. Just you. And see what you are bringing. And if this is what you believe is right, from who you are, or that you might be a little off track. Because in that case, you can always change a little bit. But this change will have to come from you. Sometimes with a help from others, sometimes not. But it has to come from you. Otherwise we miss one piece of the global puzzle and we will never be able to show the people who are completely lost what the right example is. Because if they only see a world driven by money, why should they ever change? We have to create this energy driven world. As that is what I believe our collective purpose in life. In order to fully live our greatest potential and with that show the beauty in each and every one of us.

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