A bit more silence from my part these days. Although not in my daily life. On the surface it’s extremely busy. So that’s probably why. Two clients who have Manifestion Day, one yesterday and one in the coming week. So there is work that has to be done. And my job is to help companies take the stage and make them shine their light. Funny as this is actually what mother nature does as well in spring. Watching our magnolia that turned into this beautiful green tree by now, proof of the sun shining her light in order to make all trees and flowers blossom. And isn’t that what we are here for too? Shine our light on others, so they will be able to shine theirs? In our human society that all comes down to having the guts to show your authenticity, as this will make you shine in a way no one else can.

It is funny that, until recently, I never quite had a problem with anybody taking the stage. I could do my PR & Communications job for any company, and love doing it as much for small companies as for large corporates. As I believe they all have their own important story to tell. Now recently I noticed, I can’t be working for just any company anymore. I have to be sure they are doing an honest and good job. In my last assignment, the first thing I had to do was to make people believe a certain product was good for you, although we all know it’s not. I realized at that moment, something felt wrong. My integrity is on the line. I have to practice what I preach. So that is going to be quite a challenge. It means I will have to say no to companies I can’t align with. I will have to choose who I am going to help to take the stage and shine their light. It will have to be for companies of whom I believe work in an honest and integer way.

But first I have to make sure my clients can now take the stage. Fully prepared and with faith, in their authentic being. And luckily they both are integer companies, working from their passion. And I wonder what will be there for me next, as from now on, that is what I want to work with, companies following their passion from the inside out, or organizations with a wish to transform. Because hey, don’t we all deserve a second chance?

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