True leadership


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Is it true that we, by filling up our agendas to the max, take the flow out of life? More and more I think it’s true. More and more, I realize that by planning ahead, we stop the flow of life from going and showing us what we need to see or work with. In our private lives as well as in our business lives. I tried to keep our private agenda empty for a while, to see what would happen. We had a great time, as things happened very spontaneously, and we got to do things we had on our bucket list for a long time, but never managed to do. But we also noticed, that we didn’t see friends as much anymore. Simply because their agendas were packed and they only had time in about six weeks to have dinner with us. And I’m not talking about just one couple here.

Funny that, in organizations these days, agenda’s are fully packed with meetings as well. And not even half of them (let me put it in a positive way) are inspiring for the participants. Most of them are to see if they are on the right track according to their set goals. To keep control over what is happening. Now goals are good. But the way towards it is just as important. And it is difficult for managers to re-set a goal, re-direct a plan. Even if it appears to be a better idea than the previous one. Most managers are not given the freedom to re-direct. And they should be. Because if they can, they will be able to make the organization thrive on sudden opportunities popping up, be able to move in an organic way. And then they can see it is truly leading them forward. Re-directing is often seen as a failure, whereas it is about true leadership. It is constantly being aware of chances, opportunities. Trusting your employees on their capacities in their task, their contribution. Guide them whenever they need guidance, but trust them on their eyes and ears in doing their assignment in the best way they can. And make them take turns whenever they feel like they have to. Working intuitively towards a set goal is giving them so much more trust and freedom, they will probably deliver you twice as much within the same amount of time. Simply because they are inspired by their work.

Now I do believe that planning ahead is good for you in order to get a clear view of the direction you are taking. But it happens that you need to shift. Well then, have the courage to shift. If it is private or business, shift. Re-direct. Opportunities don’t show themselves without reason. There are lessons to learn. But you need to be aware of that in order to see them. In order to see, what needs to unfold. And if you manage to keep that space, for yourself and the ones working with you, all things around you will grow. Not superficial, but truly. In its’ essence. So, I don’t know where I’m going, but I’m going. Are you coming with me?

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