stuffYesterday’s newspaper headline was: Would it help if we open up our border? The article was about the thousands of refugees trying to enter Europe. The real answer to that, in an ideal world would for sure be yes. And maybe even in this not-ideal world. But the big problem is, that we, humans, started to possess pieces of the world. Or at least thought we were allowed to arrogate pieces of the world. And yes, the Dutch people played quite a big role in that. And we are very proud of that too….Amazing actually, isn’t it?

You can really have a good feeling about a certain place, feel better in one place of the earth or another. You can feel you ‘belong’ somewhere.  It doesn’t mean you have to possess it…it just feels good! When I arrived in South America for five weeks it felt like coming home, although I had never been there before. We are so brainwashed by our own people, our own ancestors, that the more we possess, the more esteem you have and the better it makes you feel…now does it? For a short while yes maybe, but within no-time, it just makes you want even more. Comedian George Carlin has this great act about ‘stuff’. It becomes an addiction, for one thing only, to put your mind at ease, that is telling you you want even more. But these people, these refugees, are not allowed to stay in the country they felt they belong to, as others need to possess it and make them flee…That is where all these horrible wars come from, nothing but the pure greed of possession. It happens worldwide, but also in your own backyard. Wanting to have exactly that kind of clothing, or drive this kind of car…it all started when the ‘I’ came in. That is why I believe we should be focusing on an energy driven world, instead of money and possession.

Now putting this mind at ease ain’t easy at all. Especially not as we are programmed by now, that possession of things is a greater good. Being OK with what you have is often seen as pretty weird or all but ambitious. But the funny thing is that one doesn’t have anything to do with the other. I believe that once we’ve let go of everything that has to do with ‘I’ or the derivative of it: ‘mine’, we get the chance to meet each other in our true essence. And no, I don’t mean you can’t live in your beautiful home, or wear the clothes you love, of course you can, but it is the personal attachment and status you allow your ‘stuff’ to have, that you have to let go off in order to be the true you, instead of the ‘bought’ and clouded version of who you truly are. So please, live your dream, and enjoy your ‘stuff’, as long as you are aware of the fact that this ‘stuff’ isn’t who you really are. And if we’d all do that, the earth might just show us it offers enough space to find a home for all of us.

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