Collective Consciousness

Collective Consciousness


Avatar, a fantastic science fiction, did you see it? All those huge blue creatures with their tails riding dragons? Such a beautiful illustration. Amazing how he managed to show and tell people by imagination. As I don’t know the man, I’m not sure if he meant it to be that way, but it’s funny how close James Cameron got to the true essence of our planet the way I see it. I believe we have the exact same collective consciousness as he shows us in the movie with the Na’vi. Unfortunately there are no dragons on earth to ride anymore.

I believe everything and everyone is connected. We just have to look differently to see it. Everybody is able to tap into that. You just have to find your way how to do it. I believe that once you can, you have this knowing of all that is available to you. The crazy thing is, that it is hidden, as we have made our ego’s think they are the ones to tell us what is….and that’s where we went wrong.

Did you ever notice the extreme warmth in your hands that suddenly comes up when someone around you is in pain? Or get the shivers when you talk to someone? Did you ever have a wild animal show up before you? Just you? Looking at you, without any hesitation? Or people crossing your path you’ve never met but you’re sure you already know? It is not a coincidence, something that ‘just’ happened. There is definitely a reason for any of these things to happen. We are just hardly aware of it. We don’t ‘read’ them right anymore. We can’t feel anymore, what it has to say to us. It all got blurred by our ego’s. Huge ego’s, minds. ‘Don’t believe everything you think’, says a sweater I once bought. The small particle of the collective consciousness is what we call ‘I’. And when the ‘I’ got the better of it, we all went pretty much lunatic. It created wonderful things, as I wrote in my tribute to our fantastic society, but it also cut us off from who we really are. We allowed to give our thoughts a stage, instead of make them work together with our intuition. And thoughts aren’t very intelligent. They are driven by the fear of change.

So that said, collective consciousness doesn’t mean you are not responsible for your own actions. It doesn’t mean all the hard work you are doing is useless. Things happen, because they are either a lesson, a test or a gift for you. It gives you the opportunity to follow signs, reach you goal. It just means our intelligence is not in our minds, but in our capacity to go beyond our thinking, to our true feeling, to the essence of what we all are, one collective consciousness. And if you find your way to tap in and are able to trust on what you find there, nobody will ever swipe you off your feet, as you live in the essence of who you truly are. And believe me, that goes beyond your biggest imagination.

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