Source: Flow vakantieboek 2014

Source: Flow vakantieboek 2014

Summertime, holidays. There is so much inspiration these days, that I hardly know where to start. Last week in the car for example, our son asked us if all things have a shape. Just a simple question, you’d think. But this made me realize, that all important ‘things’ don’t have a form. Oxygen doesn’t, water doesn’t, love doesn’t, space doesn’t, freedom doesn’t, awareness doesn’t. And above all that, dreams don’t have a form. Now dreams, I never really had daydreams, did you? No white wedding dress daydreams, no future home daydreams, none of them actually. Daydream. It is such a beautiful word. It’s an escape, not really from here, but accessible at any time. And as it doesn’t have a form, it can be anything. Completely suited to your own perfect imagination.

Now I wrote about awakening before. That’s where awareness comes in. A lot of people are waking up. They are together, although they might not yet see it, creating a new world. A world in which all identification with form doesn’t count anymore. Can you imagine that? What happens if you can’t identify yourself with any form anymore? When it doesn’t matter anymore? Did you ever think about that? It means your ego looses everything it is attached to. Everything you have identified yourself with in the materialized world, evaporates. Things become tools again in the true sense of the word. The earth, our world, is just a tiny piece of what we are and the only ‘thing’ we can relate to as most of us identify ourselves with form. According to Eckart Tolle our awareness is what remains once we die. It is still there, just not able to communicate with us through a body anymore. If we would be able to detect the awareness in ourselves, we would be fully aligned with all that is, not just the small part in this world that our senses can observe.

Once you have become aware and start to live more and more in the awareness, your personal calling will become clearer. It feels like this daydream, as what you have visioned, is what you personally feel is what you are here for. Mine got to be very clear this past year. And even clearer when I became more aware. I see myself talking to companies, explaining them the importance of transformation. All over the world. In order for them to stay alive. Quite a daydream isn’t it? Well, everything ever created started with somebody’s daydream. So why not just go there?

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