Source: Lemon-sugar.com

Source: Lemon-sugar.com

As I was writing this, we were at a lake in Stowe, Vermont. A beautiful lake, surrounded by mountains, of which we climbed one the day before, Mount Mansfield. Coming down our path, we passed two men, one who already went up, one who was about to. We heard the man coming down tell the other not to go, if he wanted to find what he was here for: “There is a bunch of people up there and a lot of different energies, so you’d better go up there to find ‘it'”, while pointing to another mountain top. And so we saw the man hiking the other trail a few minutes later.


Now indeed, on the mountain top were a lot of people. All happy they made it, enjoying their view, kids, adults, elder ones. The conversation struck me, because I went up there with the same expectation, to find the most quiet and peaceful place around. It wasn’t. But I experienced the whole route, climbing the mountain, an extreme silence and beauty around me, and for sure a totally different energy than anywhere else thus far. Now everybody ‘meets’ the energy in a different way of course, but beautiful it was. Now I wonder if he found what he expected to, on the other mountain.

What is it, with expectations? It is about looking forward. About not living in the moment. I wrote about people living from holiday to holiday before, as they expected to be happy and full of energy again. Our lives are filled with expectations. But isn’t it so, that things evolve? Things happen completely unexpected and change everything again? In my last blog I told you about my daydream, my vision. Now this is not a goal in itself. Not something I expect to happen. It all depends on the choices I make along the way. And on what shows itself next, as things evolve. Therefor expectations so often end up in disappointments. Things happen, and in a split second your world looks different. The spectrum of choices has changed. That goes for anything. For jobs, holidays, people, you name it. And I’m not saying you shouldn’t plan anything. Of course you should. But if you are able to manage to live towards it here and now, aware of the moment, you won’t be disappointed. You just take one step at the time. And when the beautiful moments arise, you’ll be able to live them fully. And when difficult times show themselves, you can live in gratitude for all that was.

Now not having expectations isn’t easy. As, like I said before, we live in a world full of them. But once you manage, and you receive every moment as a part of your journey, learning along the way, you will be able to climb any mountain, be surprised and meet any other person open-hearted, in full awareness.

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