How many people say: “Wow…I just love what he or she is doing! Wouldn’t it be great to work in this or that?” or “I would love to start my own cafe or web shop, but I can’t..” and then followed by a little over ten reasons why they shouldn’t. It is so easy to give yourself hundreds of reasons not to do something out of your comfort zone, that most people don’t. Positive thinking is often deducted as naive. It is a pity, because I honestly believe, that the world would look so much prettier if everybody would be doing what they love to do, when what they do comes from the heart. It has this sparkle in it, that just doesn’t stop burning.
Nike says ‘Just do it’. But right now, I find myself over and over again finding not ten, not a hundred, but a million reasons why my dream would not become a reality. Have you ever been afraid of something you had to do? Somebody calling it a challenge, while the only thing popping up in your mind was the fact that you felt scared? Well…scared. That’s where I am now. Afraid of my own dream, of which I wrote in Daydream. Who am I to think I can do something like that? Who am I, to tell the world how to change in a better one, when the most intelligent people are working around the clock to make things better? I honestly don’t know. And the reason why I’m afraid is probably because it’s such a big dream, so completely out of my comfort zone (yes..where the magic is…). So I’ve been fighting myself lately, in order to get myself out of this energy draining corner. Megalomania. That’s what it is.

But I’ve seen it. And Paolo Coelho once said: “There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.” So I’m gonna try. And probably fail. But I’m gonna stand up. And try again. And I will succeed. Because I have to. Because the world can’t afford me not to. Just like you. So get up. Find your dream, share it and live it. I will support you and give you a hundred reasons why you should go after it. Because it makes you happy, because it makes your spirit thrive, because it lights the fire in you, because you love it….Because the world cannot afford you not to.

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