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Every conversation I’ve been in lately, business or private, somehow started or ended with the question: ‘Who are you?’. During the years I have asked a lot of companies what their core message is, what they have to tell the world in one simple sentence. And after that, followed an exercise in finding their core values. Something I’ve been asking my clients for years, but I never realized how incredibly important they are to an individual as well. Because knowing what your values are, makes it possible to align everything you do with those values. So…

Being aware of what wants to happen, of what is showing itself, is the center of my guidance. My awareness is my guide and therefor one of my essential values. I have to be aware in order to live my soul mission and life vision: bringing organizations to their core by bringing people to their essence. I can’t do this if I’m not fully present and thus aware of what is happening.

It is important for me to be free of mind. I strive to be free of all frameworks, religions, dogmas or models we as humans created. It makes us structure things in a way based on control, power and fear. Our world is not created for people to live in fear, the world offers everything from a basis of love. Being free of all frameworks makes it possible to see what wants to happen, instead of thinking in impossibilities.

One thing I have learned during the years is that we can never judge anyone for where he or she is. Every backpack is different and we are never able to see the full story behind a person We are all here with a different mission. And all these different missions together will match like a puzzle. As Margaret Heffernan said: ‘Everybody has a valid perspective in order to create the best beyond measure.’ We need all people in their full power of presence in order to create a better world. And that is, in any role, just what we are called to do.

Needless to say that, as love is the essence of who we all are, it is the core of our being and no core value as such. Well, there they are, my guidelines in life. I strive to meet them, in everything I do. And of course sometimes I’m off track. Another lesson comes by. I’ll deal with it, and from these three core values, three different perspectives, see what wants to show itself. Now will you discover yours and let me know?

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