What if you have a meeting tomorrow that makes you nervous, the thought of it makes you tremble, of which your entire body tells you it wants to run away from it? What then? What do you do? Do you recognize that? As I am a freelance consultant I don’t have those meetings very often, but I see this happen a lot around me. Working for a company, being forced in a position you don’t want to be in, can make you feel terrible. Your manager can tell you it’s something you have to learn, something you need to face. So what is it your manager wants you to learn while your body tells you something completely different?

Finding yourself in a situation like this, tells you something. Something wants to be seen, heard. So what about taking one step back. Look at the situation from a different perspective. Not at the surface, not the meeting itself, or the subject or people joining the meeting, but what it is asking from you. What have you learned maybe from other, similar meetings, where you found yourself in an uncomfortable position? What happened there, that makes you feel not at ease now? And thus, what is this upcoming challenge asking from you? Who do you choose to be there?

Most of the times a situation like this is about energies having to work together that might take the better of you. But what most people forget, is that they let themselves be put in this position. While it is something you choose to be in, your own responsibility. A position where you feel uncomfortable, and therefor you want to get out of it as quickly as possible. It might feel safe to your ego, as saying yes to something gives you the idea you’re not failing because ‘hey, you can handle anything, can’t you?’. But the headache or pain in your stomach afterwards tells you something else. But saying ‘no’ to something might feel extremely scary as well. Nevertheless it might be exactly what is being asked from you, to fully step in to who you are and say no to things that are not yours to do. As a result of that, you will earn respect from your boss, as you know where your boundaries are, and you know crossing them makes you feel uncomfortable at work. And of course it can be the other way around as well.

We all have different things that we feel are easy or very difficult to work with. That’s why we need a team to work in complex projects. I’m not saying you should say ‘no’ to the meeting. I’m just saying the situation showing is trying to tell you something. What can you do differently, in order to be honest and true to yourself? Because if you can fully step in to that, you won’t feel uncomfortable anymore, you can just be the wonderful you that you are and live up to all the promises you make. So take a step back, have another look and face whatever it is trying to tell you. It wouldn’t be there if you couldn’t handle it!

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