I bet you have a lot of them too: deadlines. Those moments where you feel like your work is doubled by the time the deadline comes closer. There are deadlines at work and deadlines in private life, deadlines you choose for, deadlines that are just a given. Sometimes it is about helping someone out as you’ve promised them, the next time it is this huge project deadline, or presentation you have to give. You are working and pushing hard to meet the deadline and most of the times you do…

Now what if you were missing out on a lot of opportunities you would have been able to see, while you were trying hard to meet these deadlines? What if, while you were forcing out of you whatever you had to deliver in this upcoming meeting, you can also follow the rythm of the project? A rythm that your project shows you, instead of you dragging your project to this place you’ve defined in a business plan? What if it had to show you a completely new perspective? A perspective that was not just about the deadline and what the project was created for, but about a much larger potential?

A project is energy. And energy is always in motion. You can never destroy energy, but you can always transform it. So what if you would let your project show you, where it wants to go? What if you would let your project lead you? Does that feel like your not in control? Well, let’s be honest, you don’t have control now either. Things happen in time, along the way, that create a different situation, forcing you to make different choices than the ones you planned ahead. So what if you could just take one step? One simple first step? One that feels like it’s the right thing to do? And then take it from there? Isn’t that about ‘control the controllables and leave out the rest’, as one of crickets’ all time great batmen Sachin Tendulkar said? Exciting, don’t you think?

Now just to be clear, this is not about dropping everything and stop working. We do need a rythm in our work. And there are moments we have deliveries to make as well. But they will run their natural course. A rythm offers you peace of mind. Set team meetings while working on a project offers the project to go forward and in the mean while, because of the peace of mind, see the possibilities it is showing you. And it keeps us from hiding. Because that is something I was doing as well. Whenever ‘a story’ didn’t come to me, I wouldn’t write. But hey, isn’t that what I’m here for? To expand awareness of how our universe is trying to show us the way? So let the project show you where it wants to go and take it step by step. And then I’ll promise you, what you’ve defined as your projects’ greatest potential is most likely to be even bigger than you could ever imagine.

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