Lost in a riddle…

source: adeecodedlife.com

source: adeecodedlife.com

I love one of these latest songs from Kensington, Riddles. It has their specific signature, but most of all, it describes exactly what life is trying to show us. When is it time to step in? When does something blazes a trail? Do you try to follow the rythm, or are you planning ahead so much, you can hardly breathe? Do you believe in coincidence, or do you come from a place of discovery?

Life can be seen as one big riddle. And actually it is. Because I believe at your essence, you already know where you are heading and when it is time to take a new step. Your heart knows. The challenge is to be aware of the path showed to you, to follow it, and make choices that feel right. During the TPLC two weeks ago, Alan Seale told us the electromagnetic field of the heart is 5.000 times larger than the electromagnetic field of the brain. But because it is unmeasurable in terms of science, mankind chose for evidence based measurement, which was possible with the brain. By doing so, we’ve started to look only at what could be scientifically proven. As a result of that, we have learned to trust our brain, instead of that which has a much larger ability to lead: our intuition.

And now, we’ve arrived in this period in time, where universal consciousness got to a higher level. And the only way we can keep up with that, is through communication from the heart and trusting our intuition. We cannot survive any longer by following the ego. We have to let our intelligence, our ego, serve our intuition. So just as a practice, try to focus on what your intuition, your heart is telling you when you have a decision to make today. See where it leads you and take it from there. Don’t get lost in the riddle, choose to let the riddle show you where you have to go. I’m pretty sure it will deliver you at least a smile on your face!

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