Fighting complexity

Copyright © Design by MysticEmma

Copyright ©
Design by MysticEmma

Often I hear people say: ‘But it is so complex, I don’t know where to start, let alone where to finish!’. They have to deal with difficult questions, situations, projects. We have created an incredible amount of rules and criteria projects have to meet. People find themselves fighting the complexity of the question in front of them. What if there was another way? If we can look at difficult situations differently?

Everything has poles, opposites, extremes. In between them, are millions of other possibilities. I believe in three universal principles: 1. Everything is energy in motion, 2. Energy can never be destroyed, only transformed, 3. The universe is built on a matrix of relationships. From this point of view, the answer always lies within the question. The most complex situation can be transformed to something to work with.

Now, we can’t answer complex questions with complex answers. The only way to solve complexity is by looking at it from the other pole: simplicity. That said, there is only one question to ask in any complex situation: ‘What wants to happen here?’ And doing that by leaving all external factors out, and take a deep dive into what is really underneath all the drama. Quickly fixing things at the surface won’t solve anything in the long run. Asking yourself what role you want to play within the situation, or what is expected from you, is something essential, bringing you to the core of what is really showing. And once you’ve decided the role you want play, you will see things in a different way, see what perspectives unfold and what opportunities they bring.

If you’ve managed to see all these perspectives, you have already transformed the situation into something you can work with. And as the universe is built on a matrix of relationships, this will create a positive wave throughout the whole universal system. No matter how small. So stop fighting complexity, it will not bring you nor your project any further. Don’t look at all things on the surface, but underneath that, within the problem, because no problem exists without its solution.

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