Weathering the storm



Sometimes it can be very hard to keep on standing. Especially when you are working on something that is trying to reach form, coming from this intangible idea. I’m sure a lot of entrepreneurs went through this. Having an idea, a dream, and making it something to work with, is giving your idea a form. It is about manifesting. In this process a lot of things happen. The key here is, to stay really close to yourself and listen to that inner voice, your gut feeling. Most successful business entrepreneurs already work that way.

Simon Sinek became very well known with his ‘golden circle‘. Indeed exactly what it takes. But once you have the ‘why’, it takes quite some hard work to translate that to the how and the what. At least to me it does. It invites you to see the opportunities life has to offer, as I wrote about before in ‘signs‘. An assignment you get, that at first doesn’t look like anything related, but in the end offers you great possibilities to work with. Or an old connection that suddenly pops up, might be offering you something you’d never have thought of.

But there are also ‘things’ happening that try to slow you down or even stop you. Yesterday I was presenting my idea for the first time out of my comfort zone. To someone who has seen a lot of business ideas. She loved it, but sent me back to the drawing table. The foundation is there, solid as a rock. But now I have to start building the house, a house where people like to enter, where they feel comfortable and enjoy living. And giving up is no option, although somehow there were quite some things happening yesterday that could have upset me. My former employer in the morning newspaper for example. But the hard lesson she taught me was to believe in myself and set clear boundaries. Making it possible to move on in a stronger version of myself. To me the publication was a sign that I was moving in the right direction, leaving the past behind.

Thus, the key is to always stay close to yourself, be aware of how you feel in every situation. It’s about seeing what’s in front of you, about continuously navigating, taking two steps forward and one step back sometimes. It’s not about weathering the storm, but learning how to dance in the rain. So, back to the drawing table it is.

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