Dear Mr. President,

Mr. President.png


We are at war. We are at war with Islamic State. These are the words you spoke when I, and millions of other people in Europe woke up Saturday morning. I am taking your words in the strictest sense. I felt cramped since the moment I heard the news. Not that I didn’t yet realize what is happening in the world, but the inability to ensure our children the same freedom of living as we were able to enjoy thus far, is one of the most striking examples of a self-indulgent society.

Dear Mr. President, your government is collectively avoiding what really needs to change. In Belgium it is not about your votes, because of which for example the Molenbeek area in Brussels has never been looked into more carefully. For France it’s not about your political agenda, as you might loose the coming elections. Your front pages today, Le Figaro, Le Monde, all of them are spreading fear, showing a country at war. Who are you trying to impress? For the terrorists it is only showing them they are getting what they want. It is making me so sad. And for The Netherlands it is not about your image, as war propaganda is only frightening more people and definitely not getting our small country higher up the worlds’ agenda.

Calling things off, like all complementary events around the United Nations Climate Change Conference 2015, planned to be held in Paris November 30 to December 11, is not the answer either. At least not out of the wrong reasons, not out of fear. Finding ourselves in a situation in which a group of terrorists are not only throwing atrocities, pain, loss and sadness around, but looking from a worldwide view, even taking away our priorities. Because this group of terrorists will not survive. I believe in the love, in the good heartedness of the human kind. And I refuse to choose fear. And I am asking you to do the same. There are always more of us than the ones bringing sorrow. This Climate Conference is of the highest importance. Because if we don’t start realizing we can’t go on this way, consuming, eradicating endangered species with our pollution, continuing to do business for the sake of ever greater profits, living from our planet without giving anything back, there won’t be anything to fight for anymore in 2050, as we won’t be there anymore. And this has to get through to all of us before it’s too late.

The way I see it, there is only one way to start. And it is something completely different from how you’ve been operating thus far. It is calling you to show up from a place of integrity. To make decisions from a point of integrity. Just that. Nothing more. That’s where your answer is. It requests trust in the sincere leadership of all of you. As you know what to do, if you leave your image, your double agenda, all political issues and considerations behind. And don’t let all the ‘buts’ that arise get to you.  I know it takes guts, but please Mr. President, step up. Do what you are here for. Our world is crying, it can’t scream any louder than it does right now. Show it we’ve understood the lesson it had to teach us, and leave a fertile ground for our children, as that should be our first and only priority.

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