Shifting perspectives



We find ourselves in a world that is volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. There is a shift going on, to a next stage of human consciousness. All around the world are eruptions of some kind. In order to navigate this constantly changing world, we need to create a different perspective. The old economy has to make place for a new one and this requires a new way of working, a shift in perspective.

Last week I watched a Dutch TV program called Tegenlicht, in which Thomas Rau, architect, spoke of this too. He showed that all producers deliver products with just a short lifecycle, to create greater profits. Now for his projects, he wanted more value for money. So he stated he didn’t want to buy lamps, but light. He didn’t want to buy fridges, but cooling hours. With proposing this to Philips and Bosch, he put the responsibility for the consequences of the work, that had been the consumers’ thus far, with the producer. It also created a situation in which all products delivered turned into services which made all products become resources again. The perfect example of the circular economy. No recycling anymore, no waste, just securing new maximum value for the future instead of a short lifecycle.

A beautiful change in perspective. A change that is asking from companies to have a better look and find an upright answer to a question. And even being able to make greater profits, as they are challenged to take a good look into the entire production chain. And here as well, integrity is again very important. Because if this is not the basis, company leaders would probably refuse to face the facts.  And acting from a point of integrity is asking a decision maker to be aligned with his or her core values. In order to do what is best for not just him, his position, his employees or his company, he will make the right decision in order to truly help people further. Just like a radio that broadcasts a clear signal when it is tuned in to the right frequency.

This is what we do at The Round Table of Life. We shift perspectives. And we start off by guiding you to your own personal core values. To make you see your added value and in what way you personally can make a difference. So you will be able to broadcast a clear and far carrying signal. And then we check the situation, a project or anything that happens in your business situation that requires another look. In order to make the energy that lies at the projects’ or companies’ origen, flow again. To make creativity come back when something appears to be stuck. Because we believe shifting perspectives can bring your business case from a situation of impossibilities to possibilities and a much larger potential.

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