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2016. A new year has begun. And new years often begin with resolutions. Do you have new year resolutions? I’ve been asked quite some times now, what my new year resolutions are. And people expect you to answer ‘doing more sports’, ‘eating healthy’, ‘finding this incredible job’. My new year resolution is to do more of what I do best.

It is funny, because I’ve been trying to find myself a new title. As I was trying to find out what I do best and do more of that this last year, I felt like I had to change my title on LinkedIn. In order to be found better by organizations. Because I’d like to find a new assignment. Because I love working, it inspires me and gives me a sense of meaning. Being able to put my energy in something worthwhile makes me flourish as a person. And I know that where I put my energy in, flourishes as well, as that is just a simple universal rule.

Ik dacht dat ik al iemand was

Source: Heleen Hekhuis

Now what do I do? Who am I? I am a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a communications professional, a writer, a blogger, a storyteller, a seeker for change, a co creator of a  better world, a reader, an administrator, a taxi, a …how do I frame that? Now we have been conditioned to frame people and put them, as I wrote about in one of my first blogs, in boxes. But aren’t we a lot of things? A friend sent me this picture of a teacher asking a child what it wanted to be as a grown up. The child looks at her and didn’t know what to answer ‘I thought I already was somebody…’

So I think I am going to drop the urge of giving myself a title. We are so much more than what fits a title. We have so many roles to play in our lives. We are unique persons, each and everyone of us. So, you know what, I have just added a promise to my new year resolution. A promise to all of you. I won’t frame you. I promise to not frame anybody anymore. I will see you in your greatest potential. As you are more than just a title, a role you are playing at the moment we meet. And I will do my utmost to always see you in your greatest potential.

Have a GREAT 2016!

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