Change and how to flow with it

Just before New Years, the news got out that three big retail chains in The Netherlands went bankrupt. The largest one had 10.000 employees, who all went into 2016 without a job. This is something that is not just happening to them, but also to their husbands and wives, children, parents, friends, suppliers, you name it. The funny thing is, that this is an example of companies where things went wrong, while the last century we’ve been quite well capable of managing our businesses, departments and processes. It depends on how executives are capable of flowing with all that happens and their capacity for awareness of what wants to happen when times get harder. Lately though, it seems like more and more companies, organizations and even people are slipping away, which is to my feeling just the outer layer of the problems. So how do you master a wave like this?

One of the universal principles is that everything is always in motion, and therefore part of a much larger evolution. That means you are either going forward, or backwards. If you take good care of a flower, she grows. If you don’t water her, she’ll die. Either you grow and see the challenges on your path, able to respond with flexibility and resilience or you let yourself get caught in a struggle, the drama of things, dragging yourself from one place to the next.

Now people can talk for hours about their jobs, the work they do, the drama of everything on the outside, but hardly anything about themselves. How well do we know ourselves? Because this is where ‘it’ starts. With you. With you and your capacity to flow with change. Holding on to something in the past, will not ever serve you. You can explore something that has happened, in order to find its lesson, to learn from it and to clean up, not in order to go backwards, but to grow. A problem showing itself to you, is not something to be solved, but rather a message to listen to. It will for sure serve you in some way, otherwise it wouldn’t be there. Ask yourself what opportunity is arising here, what is wanting to happen?

Well, as you all know I’ve been taking quite a deep dive into ‘me’ this last year. So you know I’m mainly talking to myself here, right? Because I am very much aware of what life is asking from me now. Life is asking me to follow another professional route. To add something to what I already do (Yes, I’m an official Slashie) . Because I’m good at it. Because this is what I’m here for. Because I want to add value to the world. A change for me that is scary, because I’ve never been there. But a change I know is being asked from me. So as of now I will add to my profession that I am also a transformation consultant. And you can hire me in your organization to unravel what is, and what is not working in your company. To transform the way your employees look at their world and experiences and bring new perspectives to what is happening, so they will be able to flow with change. To make people connect with themselves and to make true a contribution to the world we live in.

Let me know if you are interested in a seat at The Round Table of Life, because if you choose to sit at the table, you might as well enjoy the meal!


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