About inspiration, seeds and silence

Silence_meditationSince I changed my professional title into Transformation Consultant and published my latest blog about organizing the WATT, my life seems to have come into rapids. Somehow everything I have been working on the last month is coming to this enormous burst of ideas, inspiring conversations and wonderful encounters. Wherever I go, somehow everyone I meet or speak to, is connecting on a different level. No superficial talks anymore. And the funny thing, is I notice that all those people are looking for one and the same thing: their reason of being and how to work with that in their daily lives.
As there is a lot happening in my professional and personal life, I understand what they mean. While all this inspiration flows, it is quite a challenge to keep connecting to the silence, instead of dissolving into this old pattern of doing straight away. Asking myself what wants to happen in my life at the moment is the main thing and it keeps on showing me the way if I keep connecting to the stillness inside. This creates a flow of working from my soul mission in full agreement with my ever organizing ego. So what I have trained myself to do these last few weeks is to get up everyday an hour before the rest of my warmly tucked in family, do 20 minutes of yoga to center and ground myself and follow up with half an hour of meditation. It helps me to see where all these young ideas want to go.

And this reminds of another Zintenz’ story of the shopping young man, that goes like this:

What would you like to have?

A young man entered an old shop. On a shelf were all kinds of small grains. To his surprise he saw an angel behind the counter. “May I ask you what it is you sell here?” asked the young man. The angel smiled. “I’m an angel, so I sell everything you’d like to have. Can I help you?” The young man stared at the angel and said quickly: “I want a good job, a lot of money and a beautiful house. I want to be understood, play very well piano and also…”.”Hoho, stop!” interrupted the angel him while pointing his finger towards the shelf. “Don’t go to quickly…I don’t sell fruits, I only sell seeds!”

That said, every small, little idea, is worth exploring. And there are so many! And you will have to do it all by yourself. Explore, find out, talk to people, try to get more insights, prioritize, work with them, nurture them to make them grow. And in order to make them grow the way you would like them to, you will have to keep checking into your silence. Where you will be able to find your answers in how to best work with things your way. Listening to this inner voice. And sometimes you’ll maybe find yourself in moments that you’re losing your motivation to check into the silence, to meditate. As there is too little progress, or things are not going fast enough for you. Applicable here is a quote from Zig Ziglar, a motivational speaker mentioned in Robert Bridgeman’s book Start today with living a lighter life: “People tell me: the motivation to meditate is not lasting, I loose it sometimes.” Where Robert Bridgeman says “The effect of taking a shower doesn’t last long either, that’s why we advise you to do it on a daily basis.”.

Now it might take days, weeks, years maybe before you get any results. But the results will come. Maybe not exactly in the way you expected them to arise, but they will be there. So why not give it a try? Make sure you nurture and nourish the seeds you’ve planted and take the time to listen how they would grow best for you, as only you have the answers.

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