About leaders, animals and ultimate wisdom

Leaders animals wisdom

Source: skillshare.com

Some time ago during a ladies dinner with former colleagues we had a discussion about leadership. As a lot of the ladies around me had been or are working for leaders of multinational companies, we were discussing what made a leader a good one. What is true leadership? Someone noticed most of them have had quite some difficulties in their lives, or experienced a crisis which they overcame and because of that got true insights. And someone mentioned they all had overcome their big ego’s in order to become a true leader.

But still. What makes someone a great leader? There have been great leaders fighting for peace and equality who’ve really made a difference in our world and we all know their names. The key in what they have been doing, the way I see it, is over and over again reflecting if their words were true to who they are. As all the influences from the outside might bring them off track sometimes. So they could keep following their path, sure of the right route. The leaders we need now, are ones who search for answers inside themselves, not outside. And then have the courage to stand up and show their public what they are here for. A friend told me this beautiful applicable story last week about an old indian:

A long long time ago, an old indian sat at an oceanside, with behind him nothing but beautiful green meadows, rivers and forests. The indian was holding the all-knowing of mankind in his hands. The ultimate wisdom, a small ball in the palm of his hand. “Well” he asked the animals around him, “it is time to give this a safe place. A place where the people will never find it. As of course they will want to know all about mankind. So where would be a good spot?” A whale came out of the water and told the indian “Give it to me, I will bring it to the depths of the ocean, they will never find it there.” “Oh, for sure they will,” said the indian. “In a thousand years they will be able to go there, they will find a way.” “Then give it to me” told the eagle “I will fly it to the moon, where they will not find it.” “The people will go to the moon someday, believe me,” said the old indian. “Then give it to me,” said the rabbit. “I will put it in a hole in the earth where they will never find it!” “I’m sorry rabbit,” said the old indian “but I am certain they will open up the earth and see what it has to offer them.” Then the mole popped it’s head out of the ground and said “Why not put it in the people themselves? They will never look there…” “That is a good idea” said the indian. And so it happened.

True leadership to me is actually nothing more than leading yourself. As you already have all the answers. And by leading yourself, you will allow others to do the same. And then it doesn’t matter anymore what you are, as long as you are a good one. That is your most beautiful gift to the world.

If you want to find out who you are in your greatest strength, let me know, I’d love to help you step into it!

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