About Public Relations and Public Responsibilities



What an intense period in time we live in. You can feel the turnaround arising on every level. Things are breaking open. Last night the Panama Papers were made public. Showing again that people who are attached to power, vast conditions and greed start losing power. And the role of media in all this is vital. What is being asked from media now, is to forget about the ratings, even though the pressure is extremely high, and to communicate with an honorable and truthful voice.

Last week friends went to a Dutch theatre satire called ‘De Zender’ (‘The Broadcaster’). The show is about people working in media who are getting tired of the negative stuff they have to write or broadcast in order to let the ratings grow. But there seems to be a turnaround here as well. Sunday night Tegenlicht did a wonderful edition on the output of happiness. Showing great initiatives are arising, based on a purpose economy; purpose over profit. And this article from a young woman working at Oneworld for example. It shows there is hope in Burundi, a place filled with war, fear and anxiety. It shows the beauty and strength of people living in a suppressed environment. Within all this sadness, still seeds of hope are growing, words not allowed by their governments to be spread.

My career has been in PR the last fourteen years. Public Relations. And I know a lot of honorable journalists. But they have to work hard to keep their readers and are under an extreme pressure to make things work, swimming against the tide. Not exactly the natural flow of things. It makes them stressed and living under pressure. Of course the journalistic neutral stories should be brought, as that is the basis of journalism. And after that let’s choose hope over fear as the world is full of inspiring stories that would influence the public with possibilities, a feeling of positivity and maybe even a smile. It would help create a better world. There are so many initiatives that deserve to be heard. Give them a voice! Let’s make PR about Public Responsibilities, because that makes us all write from a point of integrity. And that will assure beautiful stories.

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