Happiness, gratitude and one year round

Be my friend.jpgLast Monday I turned 40 years old. Yes…40 years old…My god, it is quite a lifetime! My friends gave me a surprise dinner and I felt so carried by all of them, such an unforgettable and precious moment in one’s lifetime. I feel very grateful for being able to call these beautiful women my friends. One of them read this beautiful quote to me that night, describing our friendship. And I’m so happy that I’ve turned 40…it’s the new 20 they say, right? But moreover it’s because I feel like I am on exactly the path where I need to be. It is because I slowed down the last months and that made me think of this beautiful metaphor about happiness:

Once there was this man, who was well-known for his hard work. Day and night he worked, on and on, never allowing himself a break.

‘Why are you in such a hurry?’ asked a wise man once.

‘Because I want luck and fortune’ he answered. ‘And I don’t want to waste time.’

‘Ah, so you think happiness is right in front of you and you have to run hard to grab it?’ asked the wise man. ‘Now what if it is right behind you and you only have to stop and slow down in order for happiness to find you?

Now since I’ve slowed down everything is falling into place. What happened is that I have been doing a lot of work in ‘the vertical’ aligning myself, checking in with my head (thoughts), heart (truth / wisdom) and belly (intuition) and by that finding my way through. Alan Seale wrote a beautiful blogpost about how that works this week if you are interested. And now, one year and 52 blogposts later, I feel like I’m ready for the horizontal: the doing. So much is happening right now: I have encountered three great clients with whom I’m working in communication on a daily basis, finding a way that allows them to step into their full potential. I am on my way to Boston in a few weeks, to join the Global Summit on Transformational Presence and I’m in a try-out phase for an awareness workshop. And of course, I wanted to get back to you on the promised WATT…the Who’s At The Table?

If you like to join the WATT, the program for the coming fall is the following:

Tuesday 13th or Sunday 25th September (tbc): Workshop Expanding your awareness
Tuesday 11th October: Workshop Storytelling by Leo Kaniok, Zintenz
Tuesday 15th November: Introduction to The School of Life (to be confirmed)

You’ll be able to find details here on the Watt – page, but I will invite you via the social media channels as well and let you know location and possible costs, etcetera.

You have witnessed one year of weekly writing about my insights, things I encountered and worked with, when things were going wonderful as well as when the storm came up. I loved writing here and I loved our discussions about our insights. I want to thank you for walking beside me during this journey, for being you and all that you are bringing to the world. I invite you to keep exploring, as your soul is here with one mission and one mission only: to shine your light, as no one else can do it the same. In Alan’s words: the world cannot afford you not to!

Much love,


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