Who’s at the table? Erich & Leo Kaniok!

Zintenz_Erich & LeoI have been using quite a lot of metaphors in my latest blogs, all coming from Zintenz. And therefore I am proud to present my new guests at The Round Table of Life on October 11th during the second workshop Who’s at the table? Erich and Leo Kaniok!

What: An evening full of inspiring stories
When: Tuesday 11th of October
Start: 20.00
End: 22.00
Location: Restaurant Fleurie, Bloemendaalseweg 4, Bloemendaal
Costs: 30 euro incl. drinks (VAT included)

Please join us for this inspiring evening at Who’s at the table!
You can subscribe by buying your ticket here.

What to expect? 
This evening will contain beautiful stories, told by Zintenz’ owner Leo and his father Erich. Their beautiful stories full of metaphors and wisdom create a field of encounter for everybody. Stories not written to educate, but to wake people up. In between the words, in their tone, their atmosphere is a hidden insight. Insights that can hardly be told in spoken words. While reading and listening it might happen that, almost unexpected, one finds ‘learning without words’, an encounter or awakening, even experiences a true change.

Wisdom doesn’t educate, but breaks open patterns, convictions and ideas of how things ‘should be’. Wisdom makes a human being sensitive for a world unexplainable in words. Our own life is a story, not a philosophy, no abstraction of some kind. Stories have a lot in common with situations in our own lives and gives us a bit of taste of the wisdom that, often without recognition, is told by our own lives. That might just be where the power of stories is hidden.

And of course this gives reason for a wonderful metaphor about life:

An apprentice once asked his master:

“You always tell us stories, but never tell what they really mean.” 
The master answered: “What would you think, if you buy fruit at the market and the salesman eats the fruit in front of your eyes and offers you its’ skin?”

We’d love to meet you at the 11th of October!

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