Who’s at the Table? Josine Peters


Josine Peters, Managing Director The School of Life

theschooloflifelogo2Already since I had a burn out at the age of 22, I wondered what the influence of culture is on employees. And of course, it is the other way around, employees together create culture. And, as we know now, culture loves strategy for breakfast, so it is time to have a closer look.

That’s why on Wednesday the 23nd of November, The Round Table of Life offers you Who’s at the Table with Josine Peters, Managing Director of The School of Life in Amsterdam. In her former job Josine was Head of Culture at AkzoNobel, responsible for all global programs that make people people feel good at working there and thus more productive. She left this job one year ago and now reflects with me on her choices, her decision making and most of all, how culture has always been a big passion. Starting her career at Hill & Knowlton after university, she already worked on Internal Communications, expanding the importance of culture within organisations. The School of Life offers her a complete new way of exploring other possibilities within cultures and what it does to your organisation. Josine will offer a workshop on Culture as of January within the program of The School of Life as well and will share the most important insights of her workshop with us. 

About culture and its’ role within organisations

When: Wednesday 23rd of November
Start: 20.00
End: 22.00
Location: Restaurant Fleurie, Bloemendaalseweg 4, Bloemendaal
Costs: 25 euro incl. drinks (VAT included)

Please join us for this inspiring evening at Who’s at the table!
You can subscribe by buying your ticket here.

We love to meet you on Wednesday the 23rd at Restaurant Fleurie in Bloemendaal!

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