A new Deepening: Sit down, stand up and show up

foto-leadershipA new year, a fresh start! A perfect moment for some reflection. Because our fast changing world requests a different kind of leader. Because in this vuca world circumstances change in a split second and leaders need to work with that. Because the challenges we face are sometimes to big to have an answer to. Because a linear approach doesn’t suit an exponential world anymore. That is why we need leaders who do things differently. Who don’t operate from ratio, but from their intuition and feeling. Who are able to embrace the ‘not knowing’. And we will only be able to this when we first know how to lead ourselves personally. That is why I invite you to have a closer look and what better moment to do so in the silence of the winter?

This Deepening is about Transformational Presence, based on the work of Alan Seale. In three nights you’ll learn to use certain instruments to expand your awareness, expand your knowledge of Transformational Presence and widen your horizon in your personal life and the role you play in that. Of course we can’t all start a restaurant at the beach,  but if you dare to look further to what life has in store for you, your personal journey can start!

Deepening Transformational Presence
Workshop 1: Sit down
The universe offers us ongoing possibilities to learn in life. Everyday again. How can you read those signals? Do you believe in coincidence? What would be an easier way to make decisions?

Workshop 2: Stand up
Do you fit in a box? In which box do you spend most of your days? Do you ever ask yourself why you are here? What does it mean to be alive?

Workshop 3: Show up
Have you ever met yourself? Your most successful self? Your most peaceful self? Who are you in your greatest strength? What can be one step in the direction of your greatest happiness?

Participating in the Series costs 150 euros (incl. VAT), participating in one single workshop 75 euros (incl. VAT). The Deepening starts on Tuesday 31st of January, with following evenings on the 7th and the 14th of February in Eemnes from 20.00 to 22.00 hrs. Let me know if you’d like to join us via judy@madepublic.nl

“Do you have a vision or a dream that won’t let go of you? 
Do you want to play a greater role in creating a world that works? 
Whatever your vision or dream, do it now. 
The world can’t afford for you to wait any longer.”
-Alan Seale

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