How to bring head and heart together

Walking each other homeWe live in challenging times. Turning on the television makes the vibe in the room change completely. The world outside is rumbling and when the world is rumbling, it rumbles on all levels. In our work, in our families and in our private life. Nobody can escape the change in vibes. Some experience it more powerful than others, and still it happens on every level in our society. To me this is a huge invitation. An invitation to stay close to my heart, as only my heart can show me the true way.

When my heart shows me the way, I use my head to manifest what my heart wants me to do. Without my head, I wouldn’t be able to be in time at appointments, have them prepared, or do what my agenda is asking me to do. I need my head. And at the same time my head shows me how the world works on its’ rumbling outside. Because it is the place that feels spoken to most of the time. When someone gives me an opinion about something I choose to do, my head feels rejected. When I notice this rejection living inside of me, I visit my point of stillness and ask my heart if it is true. There is always an answer there. A loving answer, that makes me embrace the situation and the fact that something has shown itself to me. Giving me the opportunity to work with it.

My head reflects what is happening in our outside world. And in our inside world, our hearts, all bond together, there is nothing but love. Make sure you visit your point of stillness often, so you will be able to know what lives inside your heart and in all of us. As our hearts are all connected. It is what bonds us. Take care of your heart. As this makes you bring to the world what is yours to do. And I wouldn’t want to miss that.

Would you like some help in finding your point of stillness? Alan Seale has a wonderful tool in which he helps you find yours. Feel free to use it!

Thinking with your own mind, sensing with your own heart

A new Deepening: Sit down, stand up and show up

foto-leadershipA new year, a fresh start! A perfect moment for some reflection. Because our fast changing world requests a different kind of leader. Because in this vuca world circumstances change in a split second and leaders need to work with that. Because the challenges we face are sometimes to big to have an answer to. Because a linear approach doesn’t suit an exponential world anymore. That is why we need leaders who do things differently. Who don’t operate from ratio, but from their intuition and feeling. Who are able to embrace the ‘not knowing’. And we will only be able to this when we first know how to lead ourselves personally. That is why I invite you to have a closer look and what better moment to do so in the silence of the winter?

This Deepening is about Transformational Presence, based on the work of Alan Seale. In three nights you’ll learn to use certain instruments to expand your awareness, expand your knowledge of Transformational Presence and widen your horizon in your personal life and the role you play in that. Of course we can’t all start a restaurant at the beach,  but if you dare to look further to what life has in store for you, your personal journey can start!

Deepening Transformational Presence
Workshop 1: Sit down
The universe offers us ongoing possibilities to learn in life. Everyday again. How can you read those signals? Do you believe in coincidence? What would be an easier way to make decisions?

Workshop 2: Stand up
Do you fit in a box? In which box do you spend most of your days? Do you ever ask yourself why you are here? What does it mean to be alive?

Workshop 3: Show up
Have you ever met yourself? Your most successful self? Your most peaceful self? Who are you in your greatest strength? What can be one step in the direction of your greatest happiness?

Participating in the Series costs 150 euros (incl. VAT), participating in one single workshop 75 euros (incl. VAT). The Deepening starts on Tuesday 31st of January, with following evenings on the 7th and the 14th of February in Eemnes from 20.00 to 22.00 hrs. Let me know if you’d like to join us via

“Do you have a vision or a dream that won’t let go of you? 
Do you want to play a greater role in creating a world that works? 
Whatever your vision or dream, do it now. 
The world can’t afford for you to wait any longer.”
-Alan Seale

Happiness, gratitude and one year round

Be my friend.jpgLast Monday I turned 40 years old. Yes…40 years old…My god, it is quite a lifetime! My friends gave me a surprise dinner and I felt so carried by all of them, such an unforgettable and precious moment in one’s lifetime. I feel very grateful for being able to call these beautiful women my friends. One of them read this beautiful quote to me that night, describing our friendship. And I’m so happy that I’ve turned 40…it’s the new 20 they say, right? But moreover it’s because I feel like I am on exactly the path where I need to be. It is because I slowed down the last months and that made me think of this beautiful metaphor about happiness:

Once there was this man, who was well-known for his hard work. Day and night he worked, on and on, never allowing himself a break.

‘Why are you in such a hurry?’ asked a wise man once.

‘Because I want luck and fortune’ he answered. ‘And I don’t want to waste time.’

‘Ah, so you think happiness is right in front of you and you have to run hard to grab it?’ asked the wise man. ‘Now what if it is right behind you and you only have to stop and slow down in order for happiness to find you?

Now since I’ve slowed down everything is falling into place. What happened is that I have been doing a lot of work in ‘the vertical’ aligning myself, checking in with my head (thoughts), heart (truth / wisdom) and belly (intuition) and by that finding my way through. Alan Seale wrote a beautiful blogpost about how that works this week if you are interested. And now, one year and 52 blogposts later, I feel like I’m ready for the horizontal: the doing. So much is happening right now: I have encountered three great clients with whom I’m working in communication on a daily basis, finding a way that allows them to step into their full potential. I am on my way to Boston in a few weeks, to join the Global Summit on Transformational Presence and I’m in a try-out phase for an awareness workshop. And of course, I wanted to get back to you on the promised WATT…the Who’s At The Table?

If you like to join the WATT, the program for the coming fall is the following:

Tuesday 13th or Sunday 25th September (tbc): Workshop Expanding your awareness
Tuesday 11th October: Workshop Storytelling by Leo Kaniok, Zintenz
Tuesday 15th November: Introduction to The School of Life (to be confirmed)

You’ll be able to find details here on the Watt – page, but I will invite you via the social media channels as well and let you know location and possible costs, etcetera.

You have witnessed one year of weekly writing about my insights, things I encountered and worked with, when things were going wonderful as well as when the storm came up. I loved writing here and I loved our discussions about our insights. I want to thank you for walking beside me during this journey, for being you and all that you are bringing to the world. I invite you to keep exploring, as your soul is here with one mission and one mission only: to shine your light, as no one else can do it the same. In Alan’s words: the world cannot afford you not to!

Much love,


About inspiration, seeds and silence

Silence_meditationSince I changed my professional title into Transformation Consultant and published my latest blog about organizing the WATT, my life seems to have come into rapids. Somehow everything I have been working on the last month is coming to this enormous burst of ideas, inspiring conversations and wonderful encounters. Wherever I go, somehow everyone I meet or speak to, is connecting on a different level. No superficial talks anymore. And the funny thing, is I notice that all those people are looking for one and the same thing: their reason of being and how to work with that in their daily lives.
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5 tips to live a more relaxed life



These busy lives of ours. Running off to work, meeting here, meeting there, quick lunch, another meeting, some ‘behind schedule but have to be done’ e-mails, another meeting and then back in line with all those other cars hurrying home to pick up the kids from their daycare or babysitter.

We are all familiar with these days and there are many more of them than people wish for. I started off the day already being completely stressed out as I (just like every other parent) had to make breakfast, prepare lunch boxes (which of course also had to be healthy, responsible and tasty) and make sure the kids brought everything to school they need. And that while having only two kids instead of the three most of the families around me have. When my husband even so much as touched me in the kitchen in the early morning I could explode.
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Source: Jana Kingsford –

Life is better in flip flops, they say. Now is it? Holidays are coming, all the kids are done with school. Hard working people are looking forward to spend time with their families, ready for ‘doing nothing’. So there it is. Is ‘doing nothing’ equal to ‘life is better in flip flops’? It seems like whenever I’m wearing flip flops, I don’t have to watch my act, I can be half asleep. Is that it? It would mean people want to flee from whatever is happening in their normal daily life.

It seems like we’ve lost balance. I’m shocked about what is happening with people around me in their jobs and the way their managers (are forced to) act. Of course we all have challenges once in a while, deadlines, presentations, out-of-your-comfort-zone assignments. They make you grow, learn things. But lately I see more and more people with a burn out sitting at home, as their managers put this shit load of work on their shoulders. Even though they’ve told them (which is quite a big step!) they can’t handle it anymore, there seems to be no limit. Continue reading