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About Boundaries & Ferocious love

Ferocious love. An incredibly powerful word that spoke to me the first time I heard about it. Is it possible to love ferociously? It means loving with the utmost power, in the most powerful way possible. Brene Brown shares it in this video in a beautiful way. And with that comes setting boundaries for what […]

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About two wolves, choices and happy thoughts

During our last holiday I read The Alchemist from Paolo Coelho again. It is brilliant how this book, this story, reaches you differently every time. I remember the first time I read it I didn’t really understand it all. Now the opposite was true. Everything resonated and it was one huge field of encounter. Not […]

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We all come across people once in a while we can’t follow, of whom we don’t know what their message is. Or we interpret their behavior as unfriendly and you can’t understand why. Or they have this attitude that makes them unreachable and you don’t know how to make contact, although you have to work […]

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