How to bring head and heart together

Walking each other homeWe live in challenging times. Turning on the television makes the vibe in the room change completely. The world outside is rumbling and when the world is rumbling, it rumbles on all levels. In our work, in our families and in our private life. Nobody can escape the change in vibes. Some experience it more powerful than others, and still it happens on every level in our society. To me this is a huge invitation. An invitation to stay close to my heart, as only my heart can show me the true way.

When my heart shows me the way, I use my head to manifest what my heart wants me to do. Without my head, I wouldn’t be able to be in time at appointments, have them prepared, or do what my agenda is asking me to do. I need my head. And at the same time my head shows me how the world works on its’ rumbling outside. Because it is the place that feels spoken to most of the time. When someone gives me an opinion about something I choose to do, my head feels rejected. When I notice this rejection living inside of me, I visit my point of stillness and ask my heart if it is true. There is always an answer there. A loving answer, that makes me embrace the situation and the fact that something has shown itself to me. Giving me the opportunity to work with it.

My head reflects what is happening in our outside world. And in our inside world, our hearts, all bond together, there is nothing but love. Make sure you visit your point of stillness often, so you will be able to know what lives inside your heart and in all of us. As our hearts are all connected. It is what bonds us. Take care of your heart. As this makes you bring to the world what is yours to do. And I wouldn’t want to miss that.

Would you like some help in finding your point of stillness? Alan Seale has a wonderful tool in which he helps you find yours. Feel free to use it!

Thinking with your own mind, sensing with your own heart


stuffYesterday’s newspaper headline was: Would it help if we open up our border? The article was about the thousands of refugees trying to enter Europe. The real answer to that, in an ideal world would for sure be yes. And maybe even in this not-ideal world. But the big problem is, that we, humans, started to possess pieces of the world. Or at least thought we were allowed to arrogate pieces of the world. And yes, the Dutch people played quite a big role in that. And we are very proud of that too….Amazing actually, isn’t it?

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A tribute to our fantastic society

good day


So another moment of courage is needed. Today I have to write about ego and soul. It’s funny how they go hand in hand. In my early morning moments outside, I always ask my soul and my ego if it needs anything from me this day. When I asked my soul today, the answer was very clear: ‘I need you to have a good day’. When I asked my ego if it needed anything, it said: ‘Yes, today is about ME!’ No surprise, as today I have a lot of work to do. Now I always used to believe, because of the many guru’s telling that, the only real thing you have to listen to is your soul. And it’s difficult to hear this little voice inside of you at all. But the funny thing is, one can’t do without the other. The soul is the part of you, making you YOU. Making you who you are, you’re own truth. But your ego, is the part of you, manifesting things here in our world. It’s your hands and feet. It organizes whatever you want it to organize. Without your ego, you won’t be able to do anything here on earth.

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