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Leadership back to its’ core: The first of the Seven Hermetic Principles

Executive leaders are struggling. The world is breaking open[1] on all different levels. When we look at what is happening in the structures we are used to, whether it is the company we work in, the country we live in, on a global scale, or in our private lives, change is happening on every level. […]

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I bet you have a lot of them too: deadlines. Those moments where you feel like your work is doubled by the time the deadline comes closer. There are deadlines at work and deadlines in private life, deadlines you choose for, deadlines that are just a given. Sometimes it is about helping someone out as […]

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An energy driven world

Do you know your purpose, or goal in life? It’s funny that when you look around, every animal, from insects to whales and lions seem to be serving a specific purpose. Well, except for mosquitos, I never understood what that little creature is here for but to annoy us, does anybody know? Now I wrote […]

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