About Boundaries & Ferocious love

Ferocious love. An incredibly powerful word that spoke to me the first time I heard about it. Is it possible to love ferociously? It means loving with the utmost power, in the most powerful way possible. Brene Brown shares it in this video in a beautiful way. And with that comes setting boundaries for what is ok and what is not. What you do and do not allow people to do. Be compassionate with people where they are, where they come from AND put boundaries to what is and is not ok. To lead them in love. Boundaries are rooted in love. Boundaries create respect AND boundaries are loving.

Loving ferociously is not about smothering someone in your love. It is about setting people free, making them find their own way in life. Standing next to someone and walk beside them in hard or dark times, without judgement. Touching people who are not supposed to be touched. Asking ‘how are you?’ to someone who you feel is in need of connecting. Ferocious love is about so much more than relationships. It is about the core of our being and screaming to be out there. A well known quote I’ve used in an earlier blog is: “Don’t walk behind me, I might not lead, don’t walk in front of me, I might not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend.

It is this years’ theme of the Transformational Presence Global Leadership Gathering: “Leading with fierce gentleness and ferocious love”. It couldn’t have been chosen better. Because that is what we need right now, leaders who set boundaries, rooted in love. So they create a safe space for you to built upon and become the best version of you. Enjoy the video!



Because you’re worth it!

Because you're worth itOn birthdays I never had any problems with it. Christmas gifts from my former employer? No problem. Actually receiving anything tangible was never a problem. But when it came to something intangible, I had difficulties. With compliments? Yes, problem (omg, no, look at you, you are so much more this and that). Taking a stage? Yes, difficult (someone else can do that a lot better than I can). Other kinds of offerings handed to me? DIFFICULT!! And what if I receive something negative from someone? It went under my skin, straight away. No problem at all with receiving that. ‘Somehow,’ one of my friends said ‘it seems even easier to receive something negative, than truly receive a compliment.’

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How to commit to the present?

Committing to the present

Source: quotefancy.com

Last week a friend invited me to come with her to the ‘De Mot Verhalen‘. In a beautiful setting, all kinds of people sit together and five of them tell a story with a musical intermezzo in between. It is organized to stimulate storytelling by real people. A wonderful experience. Five completely different stories, shared by five completely different people. The most beautiful part of it to me was how we, with all people present, somehow carried the person telling the story. Making it possible for them to share something personal, sometimes funny, sometimes heartbreaking.

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