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About KPI’s, leadership and transformation

During my professional life, I’ve encountered many companies. They each have a different story to tell about a product they deliver. As a consultant in communications and PR, it is all about delivering the right message to the right target group. Now at the core of a company or organization, lies the essential energy from which it once […]

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Breaking patterns

Having a close look at the choices you make, results in finding a lot of patterns in your life, private as well as professional. It’s like a circle that just keeps on flowing. It might be a loop in which your business always used to work, but it might also be you recognize a pattern in the choices you’ve […]

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Too much. Do you recognize that? When you’re head is running overtime, you have so much work to do, the kids have holidays and you feel guilty for leaving them with the babysit (who truly is an angel but still), you want to see friends, do your sports and the pile of wash is rising […]

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