How to bring head and heart together

Walking each other homeWe live in challenging times. Turning on the television makes the vibe in the room change completely. The world outside is rumbling and when the world is rumbling, it rumbles on all levels. In our work, in our families and in our private life. Nobody can escape the change in vibes. Some experience it more powerful than others, and still it happens on every level in our society. To me this is a huge invitation. An invitation to stay close to my heart, as only my heart can show me the true way.

When my heart shows me the way, I use my head to manifest what my heart wants me to do. Without my head, I wouldn’t be able to be in time at appointments, have them prepared, or do what my agenda is asking me to do. I need my head. And at the same time my head shows me how the world works on its’ rumbling outside. Because it is the place that feels spoken to most of the time. When someone gives me an opinion about something I choose to do, my head feels rejected. When I notice this rejection living inside of me, I visit my point of stillness and ask my heart if it is true. There is always an answer there. A loving answer, that makes me embrace the situation and the fact that something has shown itself to me. Giving me the opportunity to work with it.

My head reflects what is happening in our outside world. And in our inside world, our hearts, all bond together, there is nothing but love. Make sure you visit your point of stillness often, so you will be able to know what lives inside your heart and in all of us. As our hearts are all connected. It is what bonds us. Take care of your heart. As this makes you bring to the world what is yours to do. And I wouldn’t want to miss that.

Would you like some help in finding your point of stillness? Alan Seale has a wonderful tool in which he helps you find yours. Feel free to use it!

Thinking with your own mind, sensing with your own heart

About Public Relations and Public Responsibilities


What an intense period in time we live in. You can feel the turnaround arising on every level. Things are breaking open. Last night the Panama Papers were made public. Showing again that people who are attached to power, vast conditions and greed start losing power. And the role of media in all this is vital. What is being asked from media now, is to forget about the ratings, even though the pressure is extremely high, and to communicate with an honorable and truthful voice.

Last week friends went to a Dutch theatre satire called ‘De Zender’ (‘The Broadcaster’). The show is about people working in media who are getting tired of the negative stuff they have to write or broadcast in order to let the ratings grow. But there seems to be a turnaround here as well. Sunday night Tegenlicht did a wonderful edition on the output of happiness. Showing great initiatives are arising, based on a purpose economy; purpose over profit. And this article from a young woman working at Oneworld for example. It shows there is hope in Burundi, a place filled with war, fear and anxiety. It shows the beauty and strength of people living in a suppressed environment. Within all this sadness, still seeds of hope are growing, words not allowed by their governments to be spread.

My career has been in PR the last fourteen years. Public Relations. And I know a lot of honorable journalists. But they have to work hard to keep their readers and are under an extreme pressure to make things work, swimming against the tide. Not exactly the natural flow of things. It makes them stressed and living under pressure. Of course the journalistic neutral stories should be brought, as that is the basis of journalism. And after that let’s choose hope over fear as the world is full of inspiring stories that would influence the public with possibilities, a feeling of positivity and maybe even a smile. It would help create a better world. There are so many initiatives that deserve to be heard. Give them a voice! Let’s make PR about Public Responsibilities, because that makes us all write from a point of integrity. And that will assure beautiful stories.

About KPI’s, leadership and transformation

Let your light shine

During my professional life, I’ve encountered many companies. They each have a different story to tell about a product they deliver. As a consultant in communications and PR, it is all about delivering the right message to the right target group. Now at the core of a company or organization, lies the essential energy from which it once arose. During the years companies transform, find structures, patterns. For a lot of those companies it is hard these days to follow the stream of energy that was once at its essence. The same energy from which now al those great start-ups are coming into bloom. This is the challenge organizations face in these volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous times.

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Breaking patterns



Having a close look at the choices you make, results in finding a lot of patterns in your life, private as well as professional. It’s like a circle that just keeps on flowing. It might be a loop in which your business always used to work, but it might also be you recognize a pattern in the choices you’ve learned to make since childhood. It’s a challenge to spot them and change them if they’re not serving you anymore.

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What if you have a meeting tomorrow that makes you nervous, the thought of it makes you tremble, of which your entire body tells you it wants to run away from it? What then? What do you do? Do you recognize that? As I am a freelance consultant I don’t have those meetings very often, but I see this happen a lot around me. Working for a company, being forced in a position you don’t want to be in, can make you feel terrible. Your manager can tell you it’s something you have to learn, something you need to face. So what is it your manager wants you to learn while your body tells you something completely different?

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