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Josine Peters, Managing Director The School of Life

theschooloflifelogo2Already since I had a burn out at the age of 22, I wondered what the influence of culture is on employees. And of course, it is the other way around, employees together create culture. And, as we know now, culture loves strategy for breakfast, so it is time to have a closer look.

That’s why on Wednesday the 23nd of November, The Round Table of Life offers you Who’s at the Table with Josine Peters, Managing Director of The School of Life in Amsterdam. In her former job Josine was Head of Culture at AkzoNobel, responsible for all global programs that make people people feel good at working there and thus more productive. She left this job one year ago and now reflects with me on her choices, her decision making and most of all, how culture has always been a big passion. Starting her career at Hill & Knowlton after university, she already worked on Internal Communications, expanding the importance of culture within organisations. The School of Life offers her a complete new way of exploring other possibilities within cultures and what it does to your organisation. Josine will offer a workshop on Culture as of January within the program of The School of Life as well and will share the most important insights of her workshop with us. 

About culture and its’ role within organisations

When: Wednesday 23rd of November
Start: 20.00
End: 22.00
Location: Restaurant Fleurie, Bloemendaalseweg 4, Bloemendaal
Costs: 25 euro incl. drinks (VAT included)

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About KPI’s, leadership and transformation

Let your light shine


During my professional life, I’ve encountered many companies. They each have a different story to tell about a product they deliver. As a consultant in communications and PR, it is all about delivering the right message to the right target group. Now at the core of a company or organization, lies the essential energy from which it once arose. During the years companies transform, find structures, patterns. For a lot of those companies it is hard these days to follow the stream of energy that was once at its essence. The same energy from which now al those great start-ups are coming into bloom. This is the challenge organizations face in these volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous times.

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Change and how to flow with it

Just before New Years, the news got out that three big retail chains in The Netherlands went bankrupt. The largest one had 10.000 employees, who all went into 2016 without a job. This is something that is not just happening to them, but also to their husbands and wives, children, parents, friends, suppliers, you name it. The funny thing is, that this is an example of companies where things went wrong, while the last century we’ve been quite well capable of managing our businesses, departments and processes. It depends on how executives are capable of flowing with all that happens and their capacity for awareness of what wants to happen when times get harder. Lately though, it seems like more and more companies, organizations and even people are slipping away, which is to my feeling just the outer layer of the problems. So how do you master a wave like this?

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True Leadership -2-

True Leadership 2

Source: Linkedin.com

Fantastic how many people stand up and go out there to help people in need. They are truly making a difference in a lot of peoples’ lives. Entrepreneurs, families, friends, initiatives in all forms. And apart from the enormous refugee problem Europe is facing at the moment, and all things people organize to help, there are a lot of initiatives to create a better world, from the inside out. And thank god, because we can’t wait for the government to create a better one, as their processes became so bureaucratic it would take years and years before we’d get somewhere…

And you know what, they can’t help it. Most of the people working for the government do this with the intention to truly help their community. But their bright spirits get washed away by the immense piles of paperwork we created during the years to get things aligned and registered. And where do we find ourselves now? In a situation where no single government can take true action when it is needed the most. We’ve got this far, because of our civilization and all the regulations. But now we’ve reached the point when we are going downwards, as it is killing our flexibility, our stretch. We’ve created our own prison. Our hands are tied, which excludes the possibility to move in an organic way. We’ve turned from water into rock.

Now what needs to shift here? How do we tear down these walls instead of figuratively placing even more? It is up to the leaders to stand out now and show the world why they have these positions. Because they are the ones who can make the walls tumble down, who can make a difference on a large scale. By following their intuition instead of their procedures. They have to step up and let the procedures be, look beyond the forms and administration and focus on what has to be done. It is up to them to give the order to their administration to go beyond the frameworks and let people help others free of unnecessary obstacles.

So leaders, step up! The population will follow you. And yes, that is needed, because a lot of people want to help, but don’t know where to start. That is your role. Give them a start. Because just changing the system from the bottom up is not enough. We need you to change our system from the top down as well. To tear down the walls, without the intention of ever raising them again.  And I understand it must be difficult and scary to have the whole world look at you. But you are there for a reason. So make it count!

Made public!

NorthStarWelcome to my blog. This is my first post, with the intention of many to follow. As I have learned in Alan Seale’s Manifestation Wheel, it is all about being strong in your vulnerability. So I might as well take the stage like that. You can like it or not. That is up to you and both are fine. I believe we all have our specific calling. Mine is, to globally transform organisations in order to create a better, lasting world for our loved ones. To show the world the universe has so much more to bring than what we are most of the time aware of. There are signals on our path all the time and nobody’s path is the same. If we are aware of these signals, we would so much easier dare to go our own way. And that way is never alone, although it might seem that way sometimes. If you take one step at a time, you might be surprised of what or who you will meet. Sometimes this requires courage. Sometimes reflection or compassion. But first of all it requires for you to fully show up. Show up for who you are. Embrace the parts of you you dislike, believe me, everybody has them. And if they tell you not, they are even further away from their truth than you would have thought. Love yourself for it, as your mistakes only show you the way. As a good friend once told me: ‘We were born to be real, not perfect’. To me April is my month of courage. So this is what I will share with you this month. My moments in which I had to be couraegous. And actually this is my first moment. As the launch of this blog is a huge step for me, fully showing up to who I am. Join me if you dare!

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