About leaders, animals and ultimate wisdom

Leaders animals wisdom

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Some time ago during a ladies dinner with former colleagues we had a discussion about leadership. As a lot of the ladies around me had been or are working for leaders of multinational companies, we were discussing what made a leader a good one. What is true leadership? Someone noticed most of them have had quite some difficulties in their lives, or experienced a crisis which they overcame and because of that got true insights. And someone mentioned they all had overcome their big ego’s in order to become a true leader.

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True Leadership -2-

True Leadership 2

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Fantastic how many people stand up and go out there to help people in need. They are truly making a difference in a lot of peoples’ lives. Entrepreneurs, families, friends, initiatives in all forms. And apart from the enormous refugee problem Europe is facing at the moment, and all things people organize to help, there are a lot of initiatives to create a better world, from the inside out. And thank god, because we can’t wait for the government to create a better one, as their processes became so bureaucratic it would take years and years before we’d get somewhere…

And you know what, they can’t help it. Most of the people working for the government do this with the intention to truly help their community. But their bright spirits get washed away by the immense piles of paperwork we created during the years to get things aligned and registered. And where do we find ourselves now? In a situation where no single government can take true action when it is needed the most. We’ve got this far, because of our civilization and all the regulations. But now we’ve reached the point when we are going downwards, as it is killing our flexibility, our stretch. We’ve created our own prison. Our hands are tied, which excludes the possibility to move in an organic way. We’ve turned from water into rock.

Now what needs to shift here? How do we tear down these walls instead of figuratively placing even more? It is up to the leaders to stand out now and show the world why they have these positions. Because they are the ones who can make the walls tumble down, who can make a difference on a large scale. By following their intuition instead of their procedures. They have to step up and let the procedures be, look beyond the forms and administration and focus on what has to be done. It is up to them to give the order to their administration to go beyond the frameworks and let people help others free of unnecessary obstacles.

So leaders, step up! The population will follow you. And yes, that is needed, because a lot of people want to help, but don’t know where to start. That is your role. Give them a start. Because just changing the system from the bottom up is not enough. We need you to change our system from the top down as well. To tear down the walls, without the intention of ever raising them again.  And I understand it must be difficult and scary to have the whole world look at you. But you are there for a reason. So make it count!

Collective Consciousness

Collective Consciousness

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Avatar, a fantastic science fiction, did you see it? All those huge blue creatures with their tails riding dragons? Such a beautiful illustration. Amazing how he managed to show and tell people by imagination. As I don’t know the man, I’m not sure if he meant it to be that way, but it’s funny how close James Cameron got to the true essence of our planet the way I see it. I believe we have the exact same collective consciousness as he shows us in the movie with the Na’vi. Unfortunately there are no dragons on earth to ride anymore.

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Knowledge versus wisdom

Knowledge vs Wisdom

Source: Maya Angelou

Socrates once said: ‘The more I know, the more I know how ignorant I am‘. Now this is so true. How bizar that we sometimes mix up knowledge with wisdom. Last week I watched this beautiful video about gratitude someone sent to me, and I so fully understand what the man is saying. We made ourselves kings and queens of knowledge. We can take all living things apart, analyze them and know everything about them. But we don’t look at the object itself anymore and see the role of it within the greater part. What about the energy of things? And how that serves us? Julio takes the example of a tree. We know all about trees but don’t have a clue of the energy around it. My husband always used to say I’m ‘hugging trees’ while out here on my own, and he is actually right. We both have a laugh about that. I’m out here to make this contact with nature. Because there’s so much out there we can not scientifically explain. And that wisdom is so much bigger, so huge that it would be naïeve if we’d ever think we would be able to say anything about it.

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