My inspiration

Reinventing OrganizationsReinventing organizations – Frederic Laloux
We are at the beginning of a new stage of human consciousness. There is a paradigm shift in how organizations structurize their fundamental way of working. Frederic Laloux’ guide is extremely inspiring for any leader, who’s willing to give up the illusion of having control.


Nourish creativity
Truly brilliant talk and exactly what happened to me while writing this blog in the beginning. Such a recognition!

A mindfulness exercise with kids

One day, when driving two girls to school who always love to play DJ with my offline Spotify lists, I told them that this morning I would be the DJ for once. I asked them to close their eyes, sit back and relax and let the music tell them a story. They were moving along with the music, smiling, fully in the flow of it. When the song ended I asked them what story they heard or where it brought them. They had wonderful stories and loved doing it, even asked me to do it again! A fantastic way to make them relax! With a special thanks to Alan Seale, for bringing this wonderful music to our attention!

De Oosterplas

HetWedA lake in the Dutch dunes, one of the most beautiful lakes I know and just a stone’s  throw away from our house.

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