‘Once you know, you can’t not know it anymore’, is what Alan Seale told us during the Manifestion Wheel. But when do you know? The problem is I know by feeling. I can’t really explain those feelings as they are just not to grab and hand over in rationalized written words. I just know. Sometimes […]

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Collective Consciousness

Avatar, a fantastic science fiction, did you see it? All those huge blue creatures with their tails riding dragons? Such a beautiful illustration. Amazing how he managed to show and tell people by imagination. As I don’t know the man, I’m not sure if he meant it to be that way, but it’s funny how close […]

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A tribute to our fantastic society

So another moment of courage is needed. Today I have to write about ego and soul. It’s funny how they go hand in hand. In my early morning moments outside, I always ask my soul and my ego if it needs anything from me this day. When I asked my soul today, the answer was […]

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